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Much time has passed since I last posted anything. My life has been consumed by a whirlwind of holiday planning, festivities, and crafting gifts. Now that the Solstice has passed, I feel time… Continue reading

She waits for the counsel of the Old One…

(Today is November the 8th) I am once more the Wanderer. I meandered through the rows of tombstones, searching. The evergreens with their emerald branches whispered secrets into the blustery wind. They watched… Continue reading


October 31st, 2013 Today is Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve. I had some errands to run today and I wanted to visit the cemetery. Unfortunately, inmates were there cleaning up and the cemetery… Continue reading

Macabre Curios

For the past several days my hands have been busy, busy, busy making beautiful creations out of mockingbird feathers, bones, skeleton keys, and cotton strings. The result? I now have two lovely amulets… Continue reading

Frau Holle

“The fine spider’s webs, which glide through the air and hang from the branches, are considered the threads from the spindle of Frau Holle. The archaic goddess who spins the threads of life… Continue reading

A Harvest of Thorns

I prepared and gathered my offerings and placed them in a bag along with my bushcrafting knife and some pruning shears and left for work. After work I headed out to the place… Continue reading

Autumn is here.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox. A day of balance, when there is equal amount of light and dark. We are in the midst of Autumn and are heading forward now towards shorter days… Continue reading

Tea Leaves and Toads

During the dark of the moon I always like to do some kind of divination. This past dark phase crept up on me so quietly I almost missed it. I didn’t have anything… Continue reading

Liebster Award

It has taken me a little while to post this, but for the past week the mundane world suddenly felt the need to throw all sorts of ordinary, everyday, muggle demands at me.… Continue reading